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The Kiwi?

History of the Kiwi -
The name stands for the Kiwi bird, Kiwi fruit and is also the nickname for people from New Zealand. I was born and raised in Timaru, New Zealand and lived there until I left to visit England and Europe. My travels then took me to the USA. From there, I was hoping to return to the homeland. I didn't quite make it!!

Kiwi Painting, Inc. started back in 1987 due to the demand of quality workmanship. It soon was on a full time basis.

Located in Northern Illinois, Kiwi Painting specializes in all types of commercial and residential painting.

Kiwi Painting
Paul M. Coman, President 
1242 Somonauk Street  Sycamore, IL 60178
Office:(815) 895-2490  Cel:(815) 739-5661  Fax:(815) 895-2490